Fan Fiction

Doc Talos fan fiction comes from our readers, and is always welcomed. To submit fan fiction for possible presentation here, please send your story, vignette, or other creative work to:

Summer 2021 Fan Fiction Contest – congratulations to all who participated!

And special congratulations to this year’s winner, Don Murphy, for his story “Man of Tomorrow”.

Even though the contest is complete, Doc Talos fan fiction is always welcome. Feel free to send along your own creations at any time, and we’ll post them on the Forbidden Pulp blog.

Here is the cover art for the paperback anthology of stories given to each author as a commemorative collector’s item.

Click on the links below to read some superb Doc Talos Fan Fiction!

“Bronze Knockout” by D.B. Brodie

“But Not the Master-Knot of Human Fate” by Maxine Vega

“Interview with Doc Talos” by Alexandre LeVasseur

“Man of Tomorrow” by Don Murphy

“Silver Legacy” by Atom Mudman Bezecny

“Esperanza” by Grace Ximenez

“1950” by Joe S. Stuart

“Mad Eyes Donovan and the Wolf in Ape’s Clothing” by Brooklyn Wright

“The Professor” by Daryl Morrissey

“In Cold Blood” by Richard Lawrence

“Daughter of the King” by Marissa Sarno

“There is a Perfection” by Joan Lee

“Forged in Bronze” by Scott Cranford

“The Shy Man” by Leslie Payton

“The Abduction” by Steve Donoso

“Manuscript found at -85.517813, 97.356019” by Anon

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