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Portrait of Doc Talos by Iason Ragnar Bellerophon


The Talos Chronicle book series is an adult-audience pastiche of the iconic pulp character Doc Savage.

The six core books of the Talos Chronicle span an arc from 1880’s Victorian London to the not-so-distant future of 2058. Along the way you will experience the 1939 World’s Fair, globe-spanning travels from America to England to Africa, and the intense passion and violence of the “bloody pulps” re-imagined for mature readers. All books are authored by award-winning creator R. Paul Sardanas, and the saga is filled with hundreds of powerful, visionary paintings by Iason Ragnar Bellerophon. Further books in the series include re-imagined classic Doc pulp novels, anthology collections, an omnibus edition and an art monograph.

Enjoy browsing the site! You will find author/artist biographies, samples from the books, fan fiction, videos, news of Doc Talos works in progress, and the Forbidden Pulp blog, filled with not only Doc Talos history and background, but also extensive explorations of the exploits of Doc Savage in the pulps, comics, and more.

Doc Talos novels and collections – Available in our Bookstore


The Talos Chronicle Omnibus and The Art of the Talos Chronicle (both with wraparound covers). Wolves, a re-imagining of the classic pulp novel Brand of the Werewolf, Fear, a re-imagining of Fear Cay, and Fortress, a re-imagining of Fortress of Solitude.


Montage will be releasing on April 21st! Pre-order at a big discount HERE

A novel of Doc Talos Senior and Junior, set against a backdrop of 20th Century film…and the first Doc Talos flip book!

Anthology of stories featuring the Talos pastiche of Princess Monja

Based on the classic novel “The Annihilist” — cover promo art by Scott Nichols

Featuring Rickie Talos, based on the classic pulp tale “I Died Yesterday”

Artwork by Iason Ragnar Bellerophon from the upcoming “The Hills of the Unconsoled Dead” deluxe short story

Coming in Spring 2023 – a new Doc Talos Mythos book by Atom Mudman Bezecny

Doc Talos Omnibus #2: Talos Pulp — a text-only version of all the direct pulp pastiche novels, novellas and short stories

Latest from the Forbidden Pulp Blog

Pre-release sale for Doc Talos “Montage”

“An amazing weaving of diverse cinematic texts, which creates a web of living, breathing, heartfelt fiction.” – Atom Mudman Bezecny “Audacity always audacity…” – André Vathier The newest Doc Talos book is now available for pre-order! Montage is the first Doc Talos Double — a sophisticated take on the classic “Ace Double” format, where you…

Dr. Arthur Sippo interviews Doc Talos author/creator R. Paul Sardanas

Last weekend author/critic Dr. Arthur Sippo interviewed me for his podcast ArtsReviews, and we had a great, far-ranging talk about pulp writing, the creation and evolution of the Doc Talos series, some of my own personal history from the 1960’s to the present, and more. A link to the interview is below…and here are some…

Fifty years ago this month: the Doc Savage pastiche that wasn’t

Fifty years ago this month, I turned fifteen, and knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to be a writer, and was filled with intense energy which I focused on that goal. In addition, I knew exactly what I wanted to write…a pastiche of Doc Savage, but one that I…