Special Downloads

Some tales within the Talos Chronicle are a bit too intense for conventional print publication, and are available only as PDF downloads. These are fully illustrated stories with explicit content, for adults only. Each explores compelling aspects of characters and history from the core novels with completely fearless power and passion.

To acquire any of these tales, please send an email to taloschronicle@gmail.com with the titles of stories you are interested in, and an invoice for payment via PayPal will be prepared and sent for you. All PDF stories are delivered by private download link.



“The Darkness of Yesterday” by R. Paul Sardanas, with illustrations by fugazi

A mysterious legend of Hollywood surrounds the filming of a taboo version of Heart of Darkness by Orson Welles. The film never appeared, and if even secret copies of the film print exist, they have been lost to time. The Darkness of Yesterday pulls back the curtain on this mystery, revealing the horrific truth of a journey to the Congo in 1938 by Welles, his film crew, and star Damaris Emem, who is actually Ruha, the Archdemoness of the Gnostic Archon cult. As Welles’ camera rolls, it captures a nightmare of erotic death, which threatens to engulf the director, the players, and even future clandestine audiences — they create a film with forbidden visions that will cause the death of anyone who watches it.

57 pages, with 50 illustrations by acclaimed 3D art designer fugazi — $8.00


Midnight in the House of Endings” and “In Destruction’s Dance” by R. Paul Sardanas, with illustrations by fugazi

Two Victorian-era tales, featuring key characters from the Doc Talos novels Abyss and Alleys: Grace Xavier, Eleanor Vaughn, Radhika Jamayaran and Amelia Fotheran, set in the Solon brothel in the darkest district of London. Prior to the events of the two Talos Victorian novels, a misogynistic doctor arranges an erotic murder, only to be destroyed himself by women that he has preyed upon. The second short feature gives a brief spotlight to Radhika, the Solon madam known as Kali, in a vignette preceding her death in the novel Abyss.

59 pages, with 39 illustrations by acclaimed 3D art designer fugazi — $8.00


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