Talos Fan Fiction Contest Entry #3 – Interview with Doc Talos

Note from Doc Talos author and contest judge R. Paul Sardanas: Alexandre LeVasseur, a discerning reader of the Doc Talos stories, took an intriguing tack with his contest entry, adopting the personas of both myself and James Talos to craft an installment of a biography/interview. Adding an additional layer even to that ambitious premise, he linked Doc Talos to a pulp character other than Doc Savage, and even threw in some photos of a unique artifact from the saga.

Comment from author Alexandre LeVasseur: My obsession with Adventurers Inc. inspired me to write this bit. Product of a literal hack-job for money by William G. Bogart they are one-off characters with so much unused potential. They represent what is quintessential about the genre and everything bad with it. Meanwhile the Talos Saga elevated the genre like Phillip Jose Farmer did with A Feast Unknown back in 1969. I wanted to combine the two and see what happened.

Additional Note: The Adventurers Inc. artwork used to decorate the title page below was a real publication, but is no longer in print in that edition — however, anyone interested in Jeff Deischer’s Adventurers Inc. sequel to the old pulp story by William Bogart can find it here: LINK TO SPOOK TRAIL (Thank you Jeff Deischer for the link!)

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