Talos Fan Fiction Contest Entry #5 – Silver Legacy

Note from Doc Talos author/contest judge R. Paul Sardanas: Atom Mudman Bezecny’s story is an ambitious weaving of elements from across a spectrum of Doc Savage works. She blends the pulp and comic worlds, and infuses them with a powerful explicit tone of eros/thanatos in the style of A Feast Unknown. The result is a skillful, visceral, intensely psychological tale.

Comment from author Atom Mudman Bezecny: Silver Legacy is an experimental story drawing from a variety of sources, including the original Doc Savage pulps, A Feast Unknown, the ’80s Doc comic books by DC Comics (which depicted Doc’s descendants), and the drama film The Silver Cord, which came out in the same year as the first Doc Savage story. I hope you enjoy, and thank you for reading.

Additional note: Title page artwork by Adam and Andy Kubert, from DC Comics 1980’s Doc Savage comic. If you are interested in submitting fiction to the Summer 2021 contest (first prize is a Bantam Doc Savage paperback Czar of Fear first edition, signed by James Bama) you can read the contest guidelines HERE.

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