Review of Doc Talos “Montage”

Montage, by R. Paul Sardanas and Iason Ragnar Bellerophon — review by Grace Ximenez Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of penning a very short story for the Talos anthology collection Mona, and when author/publisher R. Paul Sardanas sent me a contributor’s copy of the book (which was lovely), he also included a reviewContinue reading “Review of Doc Talos “Montage””

Pre-release sale for Doc Talos “Mona”

Following last year’s special collection of tales featuring Rickie Talos (avatar of Pat Savage) comes the second in the series of Doc Talos Files anthologies, each featuring a single character from the Talos Chronicle. Mona spotlights the series pastiche of the classic Doc Savage character Princess Monja. Perhaps one of the oddest not-quite-love-stories of theContinue reading “Pre-release sale for Doc Talos “Mona””

Pre-release sale for Doc Talos “Montage”

“An amazing weaving of diverse cinematic texts, which creates a web of living, breathing, heartfelt fiction.” – Atom Mudman Bezecny “Audacity always audacity…” – André Vathier The newest Doc Talos book is now available for pre-order! Montage is the first Doc Talos Double — a sophisticated take on the classic “Ace Double” format, where youContinue reading “Pre-release sale for Doc Talos “Montage””

Columbia Pat Savage, Part 3

Guest blogger Atom Mudman Bezecny wraps up her look at the 1930’s Columbia Pictures movie series featuring the magnificent Pat Savage. The films that never were…but should have been. __________ PAT SAVAGE, GIRL GANGBUSTER (1938) Saving the best for last: the poster for the third Pat movie captures the glamour and giddiness the series embodied.Continue reading “Columbia Pat Savage, Part 3”

Columbia Pat Savage, Part 2

Guest blogger Atom Mudman Bezecny continues her tour-de-force 1930’s cinematic history of Pat Savage by Columbia Pictures… ________ PAT SAVAGE – LADY LANCELOT (1937) A jail guard flinches at the eerie look in Pat’s eyes in this lobby card for the second Pat Savage movie. Is that a hint of a Mona Lisa smile onContinue reading “Columbia Pat Savage, Part 2”

Columbia Pat Savage, Part 1

Many thanks to guest blogger Atom Mudman Bezecny, who takes us deep into the movie career of Pat Savage…that never was. But oh, if it only had been… _____________ In the early days of cinema, movie theaters operated rather differently than they do today. Instead of offering a single A-tier feature for the price ofContinue reading “Columbia Pat Savage, Part 1”

Release day for Atom Mudman Bezecny’s “Leon Shatters the Easter Eggs”

Gromagon Press is proud to announce the release of Atom Mudman Bezecny’s powerful tale Leon Shatters the Easter Eggs. This is a prestige hardcover, with wraparound Gustav Klimt cover, and illustrated within by classic century-old Decadent and Symbolist paintings and drawings. To set the mood for this remarkable story, here is the Introduction, by DocContinue reading “Release day for Atom Mudman Bezecny’s “Leon Shatters the Easter Eggs””

The months ahead: New and upcoming in the Doc Talos library of tales

Heading into the final months of 2022 and looking forward into 2023, there is a dazzling array of books, stories and art that is both here and coming. The busy year of 2022 has seen the release of four books: Rickie, the anthology of tales featuring the Talos pastiche of Pat Savage…Wolves, a re-imagining ofContinue reading “The months ahead: New and upcoming in the Doc Talos library of tales”

Review of the Rickie Talos anthology

(Grace Ximenez hosted a noir/story/roleplay/film site for almost a decade, and headlined three pulp-peril short-story collections called The Grace X Anthologies. She is the author of the Doc Talos fan fiction story “Esperanza”, and was the primary inspiration for the character “Grace X” in The Talos Chronicle.) Rickie, by R. Paul Sardanas, Atom Mudman Bezecny,Continue reading “Review of the Rickie Talos anthology”

The Conseil du Mal discusses Philip José Farmer’s “Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life” – Part 3

Welcome to the third and final installment of the Conseil du Mal (Council of Evil) discussion of this classic of pulp/heroic mythography. The Council is made up of three contemporary pulp authors: Atom Mudman Bezecny, editor of Odd Tales of Wonder publications and author of the multi-book Hero Saga…R. Paul Sardanas, author of over thirtyContinue reading “The Conseil du Mal discusses Philip José Farmer’s “Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life” – Part 3″