Review of Doc Talos “Montage”

Montage, by R. Paul Sardanas and Iason Ragnar Bellerophon — review by Grace Ximenez Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of penning a very short story for the Talos anthology collection Mona, and when author/publisher R. Paul Sardanas sent me a contributor’s copy of the book (which was lovely), he also included a reviewContinue reading “Review of Doc Talos “Montage””

Orson Welles, Heart of Darkness and the Talos Saga

One of Hollywood’s most intriguing legends is “the greatest film never made”, Orson Welles’ proposed movie adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. It was intended to be Welles’ first picture for RKO, pre-dating Citizen Kane. Welles adapted and starred in a Heart of Darkness CBS Radio broadcast in 1938 as part of his series,Continue reading “Orson Welles, Heart of Darkness and the Talos Saga”