Release day for Atom Mudman Bezecny’s “Leon Shatters the Easter Eggs”

Gromagon Press is proud to announce the release of Atom Mudman Bezecny’s powerful tale Leon Shatters the Easter Eggs.

This is a prestige hardcover, with wraparound Gustav Klimt cover, and illustrated within by classic century-old Decadent and Symbolist paintings and drawings.

To set the mood for this remarkable story, here is the Introduction, by Doc Talos author R. Paul Sardanas:

And here is a sample from the narrative…the story’s Preface:

Atom Bezecny is one of the most powerful and innovative authors in the landscape of independent storytelling today. Don’t miss this beautiful presentation of one of her most mind-bending, consciousness-expanding tales!

Leon Shatters the Easter Eggs

by Atom Mudman Bezecny — prestige hardcover, 59 pages, with full color artwork

$19.95 plus shipping

To inquire about or purchase this book, please email, and GP customer service will process your order.

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