Talos Fan Fiction Contest Entry #1 – Bronze Knockout

Note from Doc Talos author/contest judge R. Paul Sardanas: A great way to kick off our presentation of the entries in our Doc Talos Fan Fiction Contest! D. B. Brodie’s story captures the ambience of the Talos stories splendidly, and is terrific fun to boot.

Comment from story author D. B. Brodie: I was a big fan of the old Doc Savage comics, and there was this scene in one of them where Pat Savage gives Monk the business by brushing him off to go on a date with a shy and nervous milquetoast character from the story. I always wondered what that date might have looked like. So now with the names changed and style made a little more adult to fit the Doc Talos universe, it was fun to finally play it out. The title is an homage to PJ Farmer’s chapter about Pat in his book Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life.

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