Talos Fan Fiction Contest Entry #10 – In Cold Blood

Note from Doc Talos author/contest judge R. Paul Sardanas: Dick Lawrence’s meeting between James Talos and author Truman Capote — an interlude discussing subtleties of crime and emotion, is one of the more unique takes I’ve seen on the concept of Doc’s “crime college”. No answers are forthcoming at the end of the short tale, but many vastly important questions are likely to linger in the reader’s mind.

Comment from author Richard Lawrence: The out-of-the-blue reference to Doc Savage in the book In Cold Blood seemed to beg for a response from Doc himself. More firmly rooted in the real world than his pulp counterpart, I would expect Doc Talos to apply his humanitarian beliefs more through a kind of stubborn faith in his fellow human beings and an earnest willingness to work hard for society’s improvement, even though there is no “crime gland” to cut out, nor any college that can so profoundly prevent people from hurting others. There is always hope to be found when caring people try their best.

Additional note: If you are interested in submitting fiction to the Summer 2021 contest (first prize is a Bantam Doc Savage paperback Czar of Fear first edition, signed by James Bama) you can read the contest guidelines HERE.

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