Pre-release sale for Doc Talos “Annihilation”

The fifteenth book in the Doc Talos series will be releasing in June, and between now and June 15th, Annihilation can be pre-ordered at a significant discount. The book revisits and channels concepts from the classic Doc Savage pulp story The Annihilist, but beyond the foundational theme of Doc’s “crime college” — the institution heContinue reading “Pre-release sale for Doc Talos “Annihilation””

Doc Savage and The Shadow together – Part 2

Returning to the DC Comics version of Doc Savage and The Shadow from Part 1, the cliffhanger from the previous issue was The Shadow, in disguise as a gangster, had been captured and brought to Doc’s Crime College to undergo the operation that wipes out criminal tendencies. The cover of the story’s second part continuesContinue reading “Doc Savage and The Shadow together – Part 2”

Talos Fan Fiction Contest Entry #10 – In Cold Blood

Note from Doc Talos author/contest judge R. Paul Sardanas: Dick Lawrence’s meeting between James Talos and author Truman Capote — an interlude discussing subtleties of crime and emotion, is one of the more unique takes I’ve seen on the concept of Doc’s “crime college”. No answers are forthcoming at the end of the short tale,Continue reading “Talos Fan Fiction Contest Entry #10 – In Cold Blood”