Sneak preview of Talos stories coming in 2022 and beyond

Though the six core books of the Talos Chronicle and one volume of short stories, art and ephemera are complete (check them out in our Bookstore), that is hardly the end of Doc Talos tales! Here’s a sneak peek at some of the stories in the pipeline for 2022 and beyond.

“Rickie” – a Doc Talos Files book by R. Paul Sardanas

Patricia “Rickie” Talos is spotlighted in the first in the series of Doc Talos Files, which will focus on the lives of specific characters within the Talos Chronicle. Aviatrix, adventuress, businesswoman, Archon Primal Woman…this book by R. Paul Sardanas explores everything from her long affair with James “Doc” Talos and passionate encounters with ape-man/primal man Lord John Grersoun, to her WWII role in the WASPs, to lethal/erotic adventures in the 21st century.

“Beasts” – a Doc Talos Mythos book by Atom Mudman Bezecny

Lord John Grersoun takes center stage in a Doc Talos Mythos tale, Beasts, by Hero Saga author Atom Mudman Bezecny. Atom’s first foray into the Talos universe will dig deep into new insights about the Archon Primal Man.

“We Are Connected by Invisible Links” – a Doc Talos Mythos book

Co-authors André Vathier and R. Paul Sardanas, in a Doc Talos Mythos book, explore the intense lives of outsiders who are drawn into the Talos world of dark passion and deadly adventure. Their story begins at a clandestine performance of Isis and Osiris in Victorian London, and will spark a journey of death and mystery with the French Foreign Legion into Africa.

“The Game of Ghost and Lion” – a Doc Talos Illustrated tale

This illustrated novella by R. Paul Sardanas and artist Fugazi will span the entire 19th century, exploring the life and death of the revolutionary Grace X, and her husband Carson Xavier. This is the third in the series of Doc Talos Illustrated tales.

“Wolves” – a Doc Talos Forbidden Pulp novel

In this novel by R. Paul Sardanas and Iason Ragnar Bellerophon, the classic pulp novel Brand of the Werewolf is re-imagined as an intense, nightmarish conflict involving Doc Talos, his uncle Alec Talos and cousin Rickie against terrifying antagonists from the Werewolf Gang.

Updates will appear in our Works in Progress section…check it out for more details and timelines for release for these tales!

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