Works in Progress

The newest Doc Talos Files anthology features Mona, the pastiche of Doc Savage classic character Princess Monja. Submissions of stories, vignettes, poems, etc. are being accepted until November 15, 2022. Details of the upcoming book can be read HERE.


In a panorama spanning the 1930’s to the 1960’s, Doc Talos and his father are linked through a series of enigmatic and dangerous films, all either starring or produced by Damaris Emem, who is also the Archon Archdemoness Ruha.

From a pre-Code Hollywood horror film, to the mysterious and never completed Orson Welles opus Heart of Darkness…on through a besieged Berlin at the end of World War II, to a controversial Biblical epic and an intense giallo, threads of celluloid weave together a montage of the 20th Century’s passions.

The elder Talos will die at the top of the Empire State building on a snowy night in 1932, and in 1964, his son will come to understand the pain and travail of their relationship in a powerful new light.

Montage is scheduled for completion and release in early 2023. Please check back for updates and news about this new Talos Chronicle adventure!


Based on the classic pulp novel “The Annihilist”
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