Paperback release for Talos “Esoterica”

For those who have experienced any or all of the 6-volume Talos Chronicle (and lived to tell the tale), a companion volume of short stories, vignettes, art and photos is being released on August 1 for those with continuing interest in Doc.

Esoterica is an eclectic array of stories, photos and full-color artwork that enhance the core narrative of the Talos Chronicle. Most have been available only in electronic formats and hardcover heirloom editions (and some have never appeared at all), but will now be available in paperback.

Included is a unique scrapbook of experiences from the 1939 New York World’s Fair, as well as a series of tales set during World War II, in which a big-fisted engineer helps dismantle the World’s Fair, a portentous meeting takes place in a Switzerland bookstore, an electrical wizard’s love story in Japan comes to an end, a forbidden film is shown in Berlin, James Talos Jr. serves in the army at Guadalcanal, Rickie Talos leaves the Women’s Air Corps, and Doc Talos discusses the war’s aftermath with an old enemy.

Rickie Talos is spotlighted in two stories: she goes on a unique date to a 1930’s Harlem nightclub…and decades later, screen tests for a role in a Doc Savage movie that was never made. Also included is a long pictorial featuring Sienna Day, the actress who portrayed Rickie in independent film.

There is a farewell to a beloved big-worded archeologist and geologist, and an interview with an actress who is also the primary force in a powerful Gnostic cult.

A special visual presentation of Bellerophon’s Anatomy creates a symbiosis between powerful abstract design and classical anatomical drawings, exploring unique spiritual/physical code in the body of Doc Talos.

Finally a sketchbook of stunning in-progress Talos art by Iason Ragnar Bellerophon, which displays the intense depth of creativity that went into the crafting of these tales.

Esoterica will appear in the Talos Bookstore at the beginning of next month, but if you are interested in more info or samples, please feel free to write to Mal at at any time.

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