Cover reveal for new clear text paperbacks of the Talos Chronicle

Previously available only in electronic formats and in premium hardcover heirloom editions, the clear-text versions of the six-volume Talos Chronicle will be available in paperback on August 1st.

The Doc Talos books are a unique joining of art and prose, with each side of that creative equation inspiring the other. The books contain hundreds of fully painted artworks by Iason Ragnar Bellerophon, along with the complete novels by R. Paul Sardanas. To capture that magic in the books themselves, two versions were created: the Art Editions (available now in our Bookstore), which have expanded, full-bleed artwork and paint designs that extend even over the text — and the Clear Text Editions, which have all artwork included, but cropped and all text uncovered for easy reading. Here are samples of how each version looks:

Clear Text Edition sample page

Art Edition sample page

Gromagon Press and Tetragrammatron Press are proud that both editions will now be available in paperback. Here are the covers for the new set of Clear Text print books!

Volume 1 of 6 — Abyss Clear Text Paperback Edition
Volume 2 of 6 — Alleys Clear Text Paperback Edition
Volume 3 of 6 — Towers Clear Text Paperback Edition
Volume 4 of 6 — Savages Clear Text Paperback Edition
Volume 5 of 6 — Passages Clear Text Paperback Edition
Volume 6 of 6 — Madonnas Clear Text Paperback Edition

If you are interested in free sample chapters from the books, or would like pricing, advance order, or complete-set discount information, please feel free to drop a line to

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