Talos previewed in Bronze Gazette #85

In February 2020 the iconic fanzine The Bronze Gazette published a preview of Talos, with backstory on the origins of the stories, a selection of Iason Bellerophon’s paintings, and a short excerpt featuring Doc and Mona in his “Fortress of Solitude”, Point Nord.

For Talos completists, copies of the fanzine can be purchased directly from Chuck Welch at The Bronze Gazette.

2 thoughts on “Talos previewed in Bronze Gazette #85

  1. Thanks for checking out that issue, Alexandre. Chuck Welch over at The Bronze Gazette is a great guy…we had a nice chat together about the ambitions Iason and I brought to the Talos stories to combine fine art, the principles of classic literature, and the sheer wild joy of pulp storytelling. I’ve actually written more pieces for the Gazette, including one that appeared in the next issue, #86. It was a straight Doc Savage article,called “A Man For the Century: Is There a Place for Doc Savage in the Millennium?” It’s exciting to be a part of a new incarnation of these beloved characters, but I treasure their past as well. More articles will follow in future issues! – R. Paul


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