2 thoughts on “Talos videos at Tetragrammatron

  1. Back when the pandemic started in 2020 i was reading a Feast Unknown again. After i was done reading it I searched for videos of it on youtube.That’s how I found Iason Ragnar Bellerophon’ art and the early updates for the Doc Talos books. I’m happy that i bought the two hardcovers.

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  2. It’s always great to know how a reader found their way to us, Alexandre. Iason has created some amazing videos…I’ll make a point of posting his A Feast Unknown video here on the Doc Talos site as well. I’ve actually been a “Feast” collector for decades…over the years I have hunted down most editions of the book (including the fantastic Richard Corben illustrated Fokker edition). Needless to say, Iason and I were both intensely inspired by Feast…it’s boldness made us both want to push the boundaries of adult pulp storytelling hard and far, while still remaining true to the idealism at the core of the original characters. Glad you are happy with your hardcover editions! – R. Paul


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