Bellerophon’s Anatomy – Visual Code in the Body of Doc Talos

The concept of the body as a vessel for mystical energies is by no means new – it’s been a theme in wildly varied forms of belief for thousands of years. In the Doc Talos saga, occult undercurrents are constantly coming into conflict with those of hard science…from early researches into genetics in the Victorian era, on through the ecstasies and ravages of power and identity experienced by both “primal men” in the stories, Doc Talos and Lord Grersoun.

The theme is explored visually in a series of artworks by Iason Bellerophon. A portfolio of idealized, perfect anatomical drawings is overlaid by kinetic abstract imagery, drawing on the essence of both science and mysticism to depict the mystery of divine codes in the human body.

Available soon for electronic download, dozens of Bellerophon’s anatomical extrapolations are being collected into a visual codex of the physical marvel that is the man of bronze.

3 thoughts on “Bellerophon’s Anatomy – Visual Code in the Body of Doc Talos

  1. Iason’s art leaves me in a constant state of awe, Alexandre. Since you have both of the large hardcover books and one art edition, you have the amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in that art, which I consider to be a visionary experience. As Iason and I have created these books continuously over the past six years, I’ve felt immensely privileged to witness and be a part of the works of an artistic giant.


  2. Oh, Iason wrote to me about this post and suggested I mention the anatomical sources under his abstract compositions — they are Burne Hogarth (who did the classic Tarzan comic strip), and Grey’s Anatomy. There will be over sixty of these anatomical abstracts in the upcoming PDF pictorial “Bellerophon’s Anatomy”, and ultimately they will also appear in the next huge hardcover collection, “Apocalyptic”.


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