Omnipresent Sunlight: Doc Savage’s archenemy – Part 14

In the previous installment, I took a look at the concept and introductory issues of Dynamite Entertainment’s 2014 Justice Inc. limited series, which featured John Sunlight as one of two antagonists (the other being Dr. Mocquino, The Voodoo Master, an opponent of The Shadow). Sunlight did not appear until issue #3, crashing down from aboveContinue reading “Omnipresent Sunlight: Doc Savage’s archenemy – Part 14”

Omnipresent Sunlight: Doc Savage’s archenemy – Part 13

The next appearance of John Sunlight was in 2014, in a comic book limited series from Dynamite Entertainment. Dynamite had acquired not only the right to do Doc Savage stories, but also the other two pillars of Depression-era heroic pulp fiction: The Shadow and The Avenger. Dynamite’s not-too-surprising decision on the use of those charactersContinue reading “Omnipresent Sunlight: Doc Savage’s archenemy – Part 13”

Millennial Doc Savage – Part 3

One of the most challenging of literary ambitions is to carry an immensely successful, culturally iconic character from the early decades of the 20th century into an innovative and relevant re-imagining in the 21st. In Part 1 and Part 2 of this article, I looked at DC Comics’ 2010 effort to do exactly that withContinue reading “Millennial Doc Savage – Part 3”