The months ahead: New and upcoming in the Doc Talos library of tales

Heading into the final months of 2022 and looking forward into 2023, there is a dazzling array of books, stories and art that is both here and coming.

The busy year of 2022 has seen the release of four books: Rickie, the anthology of tales featuring the Talos pastiche of Pat Savage…Wolves, a re-imagining of the classic pulp novel Brand of the WerewolfThe Talos Chronicle Omnibus, a huge tome collecting the six core Talos novels together in one volume…and The Art of the Talos Chronicle, a stunning collection of hundreds of Iason Ragnar Bellerophon paintings into a single book. All are available in the Doc Talos Bookstore.

Still coming in 2022 are two more pastiche re-imaginings of classic Doc Savage: Fear (based on Fear Cay)…and Fortress (based on Fortress of Solitude).

And much more is ahead for 2023! The second in the Doc Talos Files series of anthologies will be Mona, a deep exploration of the Talos pastiche of Princess Monja. In addition to stories by Doc Talos creator R. Paul Sardanas, this collection is scheduled to include stories by Atom Mudman Bezecny, Marissa Sarno, André Vathier, Brooklyn Wright, Grace Ximenez (and hopefully more literary contributors, as submissions for the book are open until November 2022).

The next full-length book adventure will be Montage, scheduled for release in early 2023…a sweeping look at subversive underground and mainstream 20th Century film through the eyes of Archon Archdemoness Damaris Emem, with a particular meaning for both Doc Talos and his father, James Talos Sr.

Next up in 2023 will be another re-imagine of a classic novel…this time The Annihilist.

This book, Annihilation, will take the controversial subject of Doc’s “Crime College” head-on, as well as exploring (in sometimes fun, sometimes scathing terms) the tangled web of mores and the ideological struggles that characterized the 20th Century (and still resonate powerfully today).

Further down the line are more exciting projects…a new novella (based on the pulp classic The Screaming Man) from Talos author André Vathier…Depths, a further classic re-imagine, this time of Up From Earth’s Center…and another anthology, this time (many thanks for the suggestion go out to Atom Mudman Bezecny) featuring Helen Grersoun, the Talos pastiche of none other than Lady Greystoke, the often overlooked “Jane”.

Hope you will be with us, as the Talos saga roars on!

4 thoughts on “The months ahead: New and upcoming in the Doc Talos library of tales

  1. I’m really excited to be writing a story for the “Mona” anthology…thank you for the opportunity! I’m thrilled to be appearing in such a classy New Pulp collection. Doc Talos rocks!


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