Need a summer fix of New Pulp? Doc Talos new releases and tips for other reading.

Summer always puts me in the mood to binge on pulp reading, and the place to go for the most dynamic, iconoclastic and exciting works to put on your buying and reading list are independent houses. Here are some tips to look into for your summer pulp reading!

Odd Tales of Wonder Publications

Check out this lineup of remarkable books!

Enjoy some of the finest, most exciting titles on the market, from some of the world’s most inventive authors. You’ll find your new favorite books right here.

The Hero Saga

The Hero Saga is an ongoing multi-author epic centering around a trio of incredible adventurers: Flint Golden, a time-traveler and scientist without peer; the Brute, who is lord of the jungle; and the Flash Avenger, a cunning costumed vigilante. Each of them are born to different times and places, but destiny brings them together to battle the forces of evil.

There are also some excellent free reads on the site. Odd Tales of Wonder is one of the most intriguing places to visit for readers who want a unique, intense and satisfying reading experience.


The Doc Talos Bookstore also has a bunch of new releases for the summer.

The newest Doc Talos adventure, Wolves (a pastiche novel based on the Doc Savage classic Brand of the Werewolf) is being released on August 21, and is having a pre-order sale here.

Special pre-orders for the Rickie Talos anthology (a pastiche of the magnificent Pat Savage) have all been filled, but the book is still available in the bookstore.

Also new this summer, at the request of a number of readers, are omnibus editions of The Talos Chronicle. The six core books of the saga are an extravaganza of melded text and art by R. Paul Sardanas and Iason Ragnar Bellerophon, but now the narrative and art can be enjoyed in separate collected editions that make them much more affordable.

The Talos Chronicle is an omnibus edition that includes the novels Abyss, Alleys, Towers, Savages, Passages and Madonnas, as well as WWII and post-pulp era stories. All black and white with no illustrations except an opening rogues gallery of the cast, the book is 791 pages long, with a gorgeous wraparound paperback cover.

Wraparound cover for The Talos Chronicle

For those whose tastes shift to the opposite direction, wanting pure art without any text, there is a new collection of every full size painted artwork by Iason Ragnar Bellerophon, The Art of the Talos Chronicle. An astonishing 375 full color plates on the highest quality print stock, also with a stunning wraparound paperback cover.

Wraparound cover for The Art of the Talos Chronicle


There are many more pulp creations out there from modern masters of the genre, including Will Murray (modern Kenneth Robeson and author of a huge array of other pulp adventures), including a new Spider novel.

Jeff Deischer is the author of a series of novels that are the prestige pastiche of Doc Savage. The Doc Brazen series.

Altus Press/Steeger Books has a great selection of pulp publications to choose from, and is terrific fun to browse.

If you’re looking for new AND old pulp adventures, you can’t go wrong visiting Adventure House.

For all things Doc Savage, check out the iconic Bronze Gazette.

New books and quality reprints galore, with a focus on Wold Newton literature, can be had at Meteor House.

There’s an awesome lineup of new books in varied pulp genres at Airship 27.

Pro Se Productions has a huge, wildly diverse catalog of pulp tales.

Shadow fans, you cannot miss out on this superb publication about the cloaked and slouch-hatted scourge of crime! The Shadowed Circle.

Always a good reading tip to be found at The Pulp Net (the link will take you to a post spotlighting Jim Main’s fabulous Pulp Fan magazine).


Much much more is out there for your summer enjoyment and beyond. Happy pulp reading!

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