Pre-release sale for Doc Talos “Wolves”

Over a year in the making, the latest Doc Talos adventure, Wolves, will be releasing on August 21st! This is an adult-pulp novel re-imagining the classic Doc Savage Brand of the Werewolf.

The year is 1934…Alec Talos, younger brother of Doc’s deceased father, lives in the Canadian Pacific Northwest, and his estate is under siege by a vicious group calling themselves the “Werewolf Gang”. Looking to recruit assistance, Alec, his daughter Rickie, and a Native American couple, Jeremiah Travels-by-Water and Miriam Small Cloud, go south to Seattle, and run afoul not only of gang members, but the gang’s secret leaders, the Gnostic Archons.

In a burst of shocking violence, Alec is killed, and Rickie calls on her famous cousin Doc Talos, for aid. At the snowbound Canadian Talos estate, these forces clash in a conflict underscored by occult manipulations that will shadow the Talos family for decades to come.

In this fiercely intense novel, you’ll find two werewolves, a brother and sister, that are both sensual and terrifying. You will see new interpretations of elements from the original novel, including the ivory cube, and a fresh twist on El Rabanos. You’ll take a lethal ride on a train from rainy Seattle to the snowy wilds of Canada…you’ll see Doc’s cousin Patricia as a strong-willed, dynamic force…six-shooter in hand.

Wolves is illustrated by almost 100 painted artworks by visionary multimedia creator Iason Ragnar Bellerophon, which will take you over the edge into primal madness.

If you have ever dreamed about “Brand of the Werewolf” taken to a fever-pitch for adult audiences…the dream is here.

Wolves contains explicit content, and is suitable for 18+ readers only. It is the first of three Doc Savage re-imaginings coming in 2022…to be followed by pastiche creations based on “Fear Cay” and “Fortress of Solitude”.

After August 21, this book will retail for $30, but is available as a pre-order for $20 plus shipping (shipping is $5 within the US, and international postage will be quoted for anyone outside the US interested in this offer).

6 x 9 deluxe paperback, 203 pages. Extras include a photo-spread depicting the “She-Wolf” chapter of the book, and two Bellerophon gallery presentations of wildly intense photo and painted artwork.

Please send inquiries about a pre-order of Wolves to:

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