Doc Brazen Revisited

A persistent dream of most Doc Savage fans, I believe, would be to see stories that continued the iconic character’s saga beyond the 1949 end of the pulp magazine. The second half of the 20th century was virgin territory, as the copyright holders, Conde Nast, seemed to have no interest in telling the rest ofContinue reading “Doc Brazen Revisited”

Three authors discuss the world of modern pulp: Jeff Deischer’s Doc Brazen “Acid Test”

Three Pulp Authors review and discuss Jeff Deischer’s “Acid Test” and the Doc Brazen series A brief intro of our authors: R. Paul Sardanas is the author of over 30 books of both mainstream/classical and pulp fiction, including the pulp-epic Talos Chronicle; Grace Ximenez hosted a noir/story/roleplay/film site for almost a decade, and headlined threeContinue reading “Three authors discuss the world of modern pulp: Jeff Deischer’s Doc Brazen “Acid Test””

Doc Brazen in Net Prophet

In Jeff Deischer’s recent guest blog post here at Forbidden Pulp, he introduced Doc Brazen, his unique pastiche series based on the adventures of classic pulp hero Doc Savage. I was also honored to write the Introduction to the newest edition of the first book in the Doc Brazen series, Millennium Bug. The exciting newsContinue reading “Doc Brazen in Net Prophet”

What’s in a name? – by Jeff Deischer

Joining me today is Jeff Deischer, author of The Adventures of the Man of Bronze: A Definitive Chronology, and creator of the Doc Savage pastiche character, Doc Brazen. As Jeff notes in the article to follow, Doc Savage has inspired a great many pastiches, but to my mind, there are few that capture the magicContinue reading “What’s in a name? – by Jeff Deischer”