Omnipresent Sunlight: Doc Savage’s archenemy – Part 10

John Sunlight’s appearance in DC Comics’ First Wave event of 2010 was iconoclastic indeed. The whole series had lofty goals of redefining pulp and comic book heroes into a format that could stimulate interest among readers in the millennial world — in retrospect, it didn’t fully succeed in creating a revolution in heroic literature, butContinue reading “Omnipresent Sunlight: Doc Savage’s archenemy – Part 10”

Omnipresent Sunlight: Doc Savage’s archenemy – Part 9

Time is strange. It doesn’t feel as if almost 20 years passed after Millennium Productions’ fine Doc Savage comics story The Monarch of Armageddon, before the character of John Sunlight would appear anywhere again. And yet it was 2010 that DC Comics (who had held the comic book rights to produce Doc stories in theContinue reading “Omnipresent Sunlight: Doc Savage’s archenemy – Part 9”

Millennial Doc Savage – Part 4

In the first three parts of this article, I explored DC Comics’ 2010 effort to update the iconic pulp character Doc Savage into the 21st Century. Over the course of DC’s “First Wave” project, Doc appeared in a team-up alongside a new take on Batman, a mashup with an array of revived and re-imagined 20thContinue reading “Millennial Doc Savage – Part 4”

Millennial Doc Savage – Part 2

A character created in the 1930’s, and adeptly designed to tap into the dreams, hopes, and fantasies of the Depression-era world, Doc Savage was one of the most popular figures in adventure fiction, and arguably fiction as a whole at that time. Over and over, more modern authors, artists and publishers have tried to carryContinue reading “Millennial Doc Savage – Part 2”

Millennial Doc Savage – Part 1

The classic pulp character Doc Savage will always be powerfully connected to the era in which he was created…the 1930’s. He was in many ways a consummate man of that time, countering the dark days of the Great Depression with stories of high adventure blended to a practical idealism for society and technology. Since theContinue reading “Millennial Doc Savage – Part 1”