Millennial Doc Savage – Part 8

In the previous article, the exploration of efforts to update the iconic 1930’s/1940’s pulp character Doc Savage into the 21st century focused on the penultimate chapter of Dynamite Entertainment’s 2013 story Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze. Written by Chris Roberson and drawn by Bilquis Evely, the first seven issues were an ambitious effort toContinue reading “Millennial Doc Savage – Part 8”

Millennial Doc Savage – Part 7

Continuing the look at the literary efforts to update the iconic pulp magazine hero Doc Savage into the Millennial world of today, we come to the climax of Dynamite Entertainment’s 2013 comic book series Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze. The story unfolded over eight issues, all written by Chris Roberson and drawn by BilquisContinue reading “Millennial Doc Savage – Part 7”

Millennial Doc Savage – Part 6

With issue #6 of Dynamite Entertainment’s Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze, the story’s timeline (which had begun in the 1930’s) crossed over the boundary of the year 2000, bringing Doc into the Millennium. Writer Chris Roberson had used a plot device to carry Doc through the years essentially unaged, but by 2000 all ofContinue reading “Millennial Doc Savage – Part 6”

Millennial Doc Savage – Part 5

The DC Comics updating of Doc Savage to the present day ran for two special team-up stories and then 18 solo issues beginning in 2010, was wildly inconsistent — with remarkable highs and lows — and after the comic was cancelled, the rights to present the character in comics form shifted to another company. ThatContinue reading “Millennial Doc Savage – Part 5”