Dr. Arthur Sippo interviews Doc Talos author/creator R. Paul Sardanas

RPS (AKA Mal Deeley) today

Last weekend author/critic Dr. Arthur Sippo interviewed me for his podcast ArtsReviews, and we had a great, far-ranging talk about pulp writing, the creation and evolution of the Doc Talos series, some of my own personal history from the 1960’s to the present, and more. A link to the interview is below…and here are some highlights with photo accompaniment.

We chatted about my adventures as a teenage writer in the 1970’s, including my happy addiction to the Doc Savage novels and the pulp creations of Phil Farmer…which led me to attempt a Doc pastiche called “Doctor Fenris” at age fifteen.

In my personal life, we explored some of my strange upbringing, including nine years beginning in my teens basically on the run from the law (my father was a somewhat notorious character…a uniquely brilliant but troubled con man, who pretended to be both a doctor and a scientist — he was neither — and secured university and medical clinic positions until he was found out, and he went off the grid to escape prosecution, dragging his wife and children into the wilds).

Despite the privations of those years, they were also the beginnings of my authorial life…submitting (and being rejected by) a number of legendary SF magazines of the day.

We chatted about my attempt to interest Conde Nast in an updating (yes, I was pretty cocky in those days) to the then-present 1980’s of the Doc Savage series (a concept which — of course — they rejected outright…)

Yours truly in the 1980’s — see ya, Conde Nast

My writing career then took a turn in new directions, with classical, poetic, historical and philanthropic works, and a long stint as a very active member of the Science Fiction Poetry Association.

Appearing as the prince of Denmark in an online production of Hamlet in the mid-2000’s

Doing SFPA convention appearances in the early 2010’s

Sharing a laugh with SFPA Grandmaster Bruce Boston and author/poet Chris Ambrose as we compare our Rhysling Award nominated works (oh, and my middle initial is not R…perhaps the convention organizers were clairvoyantly anticipating the R in my future pseudonym)

Ultimately we discussed my joining forces creatively with artist/creator Iason Ragnar Bellerophon, and the wildly audacious project we have undertaken for the past eight years…to craft a massive pastiche universe based on the Doc Savage canon and in the adult style of Farmer’s powerful A Feast Unknown.

Here is a link to the interview…I hope you enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Dr. Arthur Sippo interviews Doc Talos author/creator R. Paul Sardanas

  1. Huh … I emailed a comment I don’t see here, so I’ll repeat myself: Very enjoyable listen! I glad this worked out so well! You deserve a wider audience.


    1. Thanks Jeff! Sometimes the site has a brief delay in uploading comments…both have now appeared, but I’ll remove the first one. And again, many thanks for introducing me to Art! I really had a delightful time chatting with him…a true kindred spirit. And thanks for the good thoughts about an audience for my stuff…you’ve been awesome in your support.


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