Pre-release sale for the Rickie Talos anthology

Rickie, the big anthology collection of vignettes, short stories, novellas and artwork featuring the Doc Talos pastiche of the classic pulp character Pat Savage, will debut on July 15!

Cover painting for “Rickie” by R. Paul Sardanas

Despite appearing in forty original Doc Savage pulps, Pat Savage rarely got to truly shine. In more recent years, fans of Pat have been treated to the fine Wild Adventures of Doc Savage novel Six Scarlet Scorpions by Will Murray, and a pastiche of Pat headlines another splendid series by Win Scott Eckert and Philip José Farmer, the Pat Wildman adventures, which include The Evil in Pemberley House and The Scarlet Jaguar.

Rickie takes its own independent path, expanding and deepening the vitality and mystique in a new pastiche of this beloved character.

The Doc Talos series of novels and stories takes a more realistic approach to modern pulp storytelling, presenting tales that allow a deep dive into the minds and emotions of classic characters…moments of introspection, joy, sorrow, triumph and loss alongside tales of intense adventure. The stories are for an adult audience, and contain explicit content, as they portray powerful passion in addition to a unique subtlety of characterization.

Rickie will take the reader along with Patricia Talos from her early life as a teenager (and avid pulp reader) in Canada, to her arrival in 1930’s New York, to her career as a businesswoman and aviatrix, to her place as the Primal Woman within the secret society that shadows and shapes the lives of the Talos family.

Across the tapestry of Rickie’s life, the reader will experience her growth and evolution as a woman of strength and remarkable heart. There are tributes to Lester Dent and the “Kenneth Robesons”, a visit to behind-the-scenes Hollywood where Rickie was almost cast in the sequel to The Man of Bronze film. You’ll visit a Harlem nightclub in the 1930’s (where the truth about the “real” King Kong is revealed), experience the end of the pulp era in a 1950 tale, and celebrate New Year’s Eve with Rickie, Doc and the gang in the Fifties. You’ll see Rickie’s role as a WASP pilot in WWII. You’ll burst into the era of modern tech and beyond.

Rickie has a total of 23 tales, told chronologically from the 20th to the 21st centuries. In addition to a Foreword exploring the long history of Pat Savage stories and pastiches, there are tales by Doc Talos creator R. Paul Sardanas, and by superb authors Atom Mudman Bezecny, D. B. Brodie, Joe S. Stuart, and André Vathier.

Rickie contains close to 90 black and white digital-art illustrations, bringing each story and its remarkable characters to life.

Rickie is a deluxe 6 x 9 paperback, 248 pages, and after release will list for $21 plus postage. Pre-orders are now being accepted at the pre-release price of $15 plus postage. This special offer will be available only until July 15, 2022. US postage is $5 (Canada and International shipping will be pre-quoted to customers outside of the United States). For mature audiences, 18+ only.

If you are interested in the book, please send an inquiry via email to:

Experience Rickie Talos…unforgettable woman of bronze!

And please visit the Doc Talos BOOKSTORE to see other books in the ongoing series of novels and collections!

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