New release of the Doc Talos Mythos novella “We Are Connected by Invisible Links”

Doc Talos Mythos books expand on the events and characters from the six core novels of the Talos Chronicle, from new, exciting creative talents. Authorized additions to the Talos canon (and sometimes co-written or illustrated by series creators Sardanas and Bellerophon), they add a unique depth and new perspectives to the Doc Talos story.

We Are Connected by Invisible Links by André Vathier (in collaboration with R. Paul Sardanas), illustrations by Iason Ragnar Bellerophon (accompanied by archival photographs selected by RPS)

A tale from the late 19th, early 20th century takes Thomas Davies, possible bastard grandson of the Gnostic Archon Demiurge, from London to Gabon in West Africa. As a member of the French Foreign Legion, Thomas encounters the apelike Folk, the almost-legendary Fon warrior women, and survives the slaughter of his legionnaire comrades to come face to face with powerful, primal mysteries.

82 page novella, with Foreword by Vathier and Afterword by Sardanas, illustrated with dozens of full color paintings by Bellerophon, as well as archival photographs.

Paperback: $16.00 PDF Download: $7.00

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