Cover reveal for Doc Talos: Wolves

The newest book in the Doc Talos canon is now in galleys, and right on schedule for release early in 2022. Here’s a peek at the cover of Wolves, based on the 1934 novel Brand of the Werewolf. Artwork (and dozens of painted interior illustrations) by the brilliant Iason Ragnar Bellerophon.

Wolves, a story set in 1934, tells the tale of James Talos Jr.’s first meeting with the young woman he believes to be his cousin, Patricia “Rickie” Talos.

Alec Talos, younger brother of Doc’s deceased father, lives in the Canadian Pacific Northwest, and his estate is under siege by a vicious group calling themselves the “Werewolf Gang”. Looking to recruit assistance, Alec, his daughter Rickie, and a Native American couple, Jeremiah Travels-by-Water and Miriam Small Cloud, go south to Seattle, and run afoul not only of gang members, but the gang’s secret leaders, the Gnostic Archons.

In a burst of shocking violence, Alec is killed, and Rickie calls on her famous cousin, Doc Talos, for aid. At the snowbound Canadian Talos estate, these forces clash in a conflict underscored by occult manipulations that will shadow the Talos family for decades to come.

Look for Wolves to appear in deluxe paperback and in PDF download early in the new year!

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